2016 Aqaba ITU Technicial Officials Level 1 Seminar, 16 -17 November 2016, Jordan

By | 24 Nov, 2016

The ITU Level 1 Technical Officials seminar was held in Aqaba, Jordan to enhance technical officials in the West Asia region in combination with the inaugural Aqaba ASTC West Asia Triathlon Championships.

6 participants from 4 countries took part in the 2 days seminar to update ITU competition rules and further enrich their experience by David Hoong, one of the most experienced ITU facilitator from Singapore.

David ensured environmental implementation of the sessions. This mood made participants free enough to have confronting environment but also to share their experience and knowledge under guidance of David.

“Triathlon is still a developing sport in our region. I am certain that this seminar reinforce their knowledge and skills and adjusting their interpretation of ITU rules. Video and role-plays in practical sessions help us be aware of TOs’ duties and roles.” Said Mr. Adam Amawi, School PE Teacher from Jordan.

“It’s my great pleasure to help emerging countries build a solid foundation for the development of technical official. I tried my best to make every session interactive by inviting questions, open discussion, and group workout to learn by asking many practical questions. I am looking forward to working with them in the future” said ITU Facilitator, Mr. David Hoong.

“Jordan Triathlon Association put a lot of efforts to have good seminar. We placed an important footstep to develop technical officials in the Middle East even if we had small number of participants in this seminar. 3 NFs (Bahrain, Jordan, and UAE) entered their best technical officials who are willing to share what they learnt here with their colleagues in their countries. said Ki, Wookyong, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator. .

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18 Nov, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Domen Dornik SLO 00:59:09
2. Lawrence Fanous JOR 00:59:46
3. Nik Kojc SLO 01:00:51
4. Tomas Svoboda CZE 01:01:04
5. Mohamad Alsabbagh SYR 01:02:21
6. Jamie Price BRN 01:04:41
7. Mohammad Mehdi Rahmati Dehkordi IRI 01:05:07
8. Karim Othman JOR 01:06:17
9. Omar Abushabab PLE 01:07:01
10. Abdulla Attiya BRN 01:07:04
Results: Elite Women
1. Zuriñe Rodriguez Sanchez ESP 01:10:30
2. Sameera Albitar BRN 01:14:42
3. Wessal Saloukha SYR 01:17:21
4. Ons Lajili TUN 01:20:43
5. Kareena Othman JOR 01:20:50
6. Ibtissem Harrabi TUN 01:23:54
7. Anoud Awamleh JOR 01:25:03
Results: Men's AG
1. Ahmad Mardenli SYR 01:08:00
2. Ahmad Tarakji SYR 01:10:56
3. Khalid Bualay BRN 01:11:09
4. Jonathan Baron GBR 01:14:41
5. Ahmed Almahmeed BRN 01:20:53
6. Ali Reza Naziri IRI 01:21:16
7. Jason Pronyk CAN 01:24:11
8. Stephen Schelander USA 01:24:27
9. Yannick Martin FRA 01:24:56
10. Nadeem Srouji JOR 01:25:10
Results: Women's AG
1. Laurel Nader USA 01:35:35
2. Heidi Schelander USA 01:35:38
3. Natalie Pukala USA 01:42:46
4. Victoria Bastin USA 01:42:55
5. Michelle Erasmus RSA 01:43:54
6. Adrienne Yandel USA 01:55:44
7. Zaina Abu Nawar JOR 02:01:53
8. Kimberly Blanchard USA 02:08:58
9. Rania Khouri JOR 02:15:34
10. Rana Fakhouri JOR 02:20:30