2016 Guwahati ITU Level 1 Technical Officials 1 Seminar

By | 12 Feb, 2016

ITU and ASTC hosted the ITU level 1 Technical Official seminar at the Guwahati, India from February 10th to 11th to support the successful debut in the 12th South Asian Games this weekend.

For the successful debut in the South Asian Games, Indian Triathlon Federation hosted the ITU community level TO Seminar in conjunction with the test event in January to train up their national technical officials on the officiating skills and update ITU competition rules. Also Indian Federation selected dedicated candidates for the level 1 seminar among the 40 national technical officials who took the community level TO seminar in January.

28 participants from India and Nepal took part in the 2 days seminar to upgrade their knowledge and knowhow on officiating at the international events and learn more about interpreting and applying ITU competition rules from Rachel Ribo, ITU facilitator from Philippines.

Rachel Ribo expressed that she appreciate all the efforts and support to Indian Triathlon Federation. “I am grateful to have opportunity to work with colleagues from South Asian Countries. I hope the participants to keep in mind the ITU competition Rules to make sure safety and fairness in the various events they will officiate. Participants expressed that they enjoyed the seminar very much and thanked Rachel who made the seminar interactive and cooperative by offering group tasks and inviting questions and feedback.

Rakesh Gupta, Honorary Secretary General of Indian Triathlon Federation, mentioned at the opening of the seminar that he really appreciate ITU and ASTC for the support to make a solid foundation for the development of our sport in the South Asia region. He is quite sure that the inclusion of our sport in the South Asia Games will boost our sport development in our region.

Next ITU-ASTC Sports Development project is the ASTC/OTU Sport Development Camp from March 4th to 13th in Sydney.

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13 - Feb, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Dilip Kumar IND 02:02:53
2. Gurudatt Devidas Gharat IND 02:05:31
3. Nuwan Kumara SRI 02:10:38
4. Lakruwan Dewa SRI 02:12:29
5. Rudra Katuwal NEP 02:23:40
6. Tikaram Thapa NEP 02:30:33
Results: Elite Women
1. Pallavi Retiwala IND 01:11:57
2. Pooja Nareshbhai Chaurushi IND 01:12:36
3. Roja K.c. NEP 01:16:00
4. Gayani Dasanayake SRI 01:16:14
5. Yam Kumari Ghale NEP 01:20:29
6. Dinusha De Silva SRI 01:24:13
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Team I India IND 01:24:31
2. Team I Nepal NEP 01:31:35
3. Team I Sri Lanka SRI 01:32:05