Ahmed Mardenli won 2017 Syria Sprint National Championship

By | 18 Apr, 2017

Ahmed Mardeni was selected as one of Team ASTC Gold group athletes after the ASTC Talent Identification Camp in Malaysia in February. Mr. Peter Clifford, Team ASTC Head coach, saw his potential in him through the Camp. Even if he is living in Aleppo, the notorious war torn city, he’s never given up his dream to be an Olympian. Last weekend he took off his first journey to his dream at the 2017 Syria National Championships and became the national champion. His next journey will be Subic Asian Cup on April 30 in Philippines.

Race Results 

1st place.  MARDENLI AHMAD 00.59.54

2nd place. ALSALEH QUSAI  01.08.10 00

3rd place. ASSAD IBRAHIM 01.08.38

4th place.  KHOUJA NOUR 01.09.10

5th place. SHANTA HUSSAM 01.11.10

6th place. ALAWWAD AHMAD 01.13.00