ITU Level 1 Coaching Course in Semarang, Indonesia

By | 22 Jul, 2016

ITU level 1 coaching course has been held in Semarang, Indonesia from July 18 to 22nd. 16 ITU level 1 coach candidates from 7 countries joined the course to upgrade their coaching skills and knowledge or aspire to make triathlon coaching a career.

ITU Level 1 coaching course have evolved to help address the requirement of the fast developing triathlon, and have been restructured recently so coaches can enjoy personal learning. The course consisting of 3 different blocks of learning (pre-course tasks through online education system, theoretical and practical sessions during the course, assessment) has been reformed to better reflect what’s required to coach specifically within junior and younger triathletes.

The lead ITU facilitator, Peter Clifford said “The modern day coach is ever evolving and I hope the coaches realize through this course that they need to refine and improve consistently their knowledge and coaching skills to ensure their athletes’ development.”

Assistant facilitator, Anthony Lozada, expressed that he and Peter did their best to create a relaxed and comfortable environment to help the coaches develop an understanding their own ability and realize the fact that the best way they can learn and improve is to enjoy their triathlon coaching. The result of creating this environment was clearly seen in the way our coach participants developed after each and every session day. With them being given a comfortable learning environment they were able to absorb a great deal of information which will help them become more effective coaches for their athletes and federation. I am amazed at the coaching talent we had at this course, watching them develop and get better after each session is fuels my passion to continue my responsibility as an ITU coach education facilitator.

Mark Sungkar, President of Indonesian Federation, expressed his deep appreciation to all participants and facilitators to Semarang. Also he emphasized the impact of this course by mentioning that imagine 16 coaches from 7 countries go back home, and start to coach 10 kids each, then how many athletes we will have in these emerging countries. This is the power of education”

Wahyu Hidayat, one of participants from Indonesia, expressed that he really enjoyed every session and he become more confident on my coaching after 5 days lasted practical and theoretical sessions.

“I never expected I would learn and grow this much when I applied for this course. I really appreciate two ITU facilitators’ effort to encourage us to work together and learn from each other.” Said MJ Kim. Ki,

ASTC Sports Development Coordinator, expressed “we had the course in Indonesia to enhance the development of our sport in Indonesia, hosting country of 2018 Asian Games, and South East Asian Countries, preparing for the South East Asian Games next year.”