ITU Technical Officials Level 2 Seminar was held in Palembang from July 23rd to 25th

By | 26 Jul, 2017

Leading Asian Technical Officials were in Palembang, Indonesia for the ITU Technical Officials Level 2 Seminar, where these technical officials were updated on event organizer management techniques as they are being trained to be the next generation of Technical Delegates.

ASTC has gathered their technical officials together in Indonesia for the level 2 seminar, with the key message to keep up ITU events standards that have made ITU events safe and fair.

A total of 13 male and 2 female technical officials from across Asia joined the 2 and half a day seminar. They have enjoyed every session both facilitators created under the guidance of Thanos Nikopoulos, Senior Manager of ITU Sport Department.

The participants are being introduced to the various facets of being a technical delegate such as what is expected of them to check and approve before and during the event.

“We want to guide them on what being a technical delegate means, to give them the ITU templates involved and useful in the performance of such, and highlight the key points that can be important for them,” said Rachel Ribo, ITU facilitator from Philippines.

Course content is mainly based on past events with many practical sessions using videos and photos. “The aim is to learn from past events and look for solutions to always put safety and fairness first.” said Melody Tan, ITU facilitator from Malaysia.

Marisol Casado, ITU president, stopped by the seminar to enhance Technical Officials education and to express her appreciation to ITOs who officiated at the 2017 Palembang ASTC Triathlon Asian Championships. “I am so proud of your achievements and hard work in the Palembang. Thanks to your efforts and hard work, we had a successful championships even though we were confronted with many challenges here. I am certain that our investment on education brought huge progress in our sport development. However, we can't indulge in what we have achieved in the past. We need to look forward. Let’s build triathlon together ” said Marisol Casado

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21 - Jul, 2017 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Jumpei Furuya JPN 01:54:22
2. Makoto Odakura JPN 01:54:48
3. Shiruba Taniguchi JPN 01:54:56
4. Yuichi Hosoda JPN 01:55:49
5. Ryousuke Maeda JPN 01:56:32
6. Shogo Ishitsuka JPN 01:57:09
7. Lawrence Fanous JOR 01:57:27
8. Koki Yamamoto JPN 01:58:09
9. Hui Wai Wong HKG 01:58:29
10. Tuan Chun Chang TPE 01:59:34
Results: Elite Women
1. Yuko Takahashi JPN 02:06:31
2. Aoi Kuramoto JPN 02:07:21
3. Sena Takahashi JPN 02:07:50
4. Yurie Kato JPN 02:08:21
5. Hiraku Fukuoka JPN 02:08:36
6. Long Hoi MAC 02:08:46
7. Yiming Liu CHN 02:11:40
8. Niina Kishimoto JPN 02:12:27
9. Ji Yeon Kim KOR 02:12:47
10. Sumire Ohara JPN 02:13:06
Results: U23 Men
1. Shiruba Taniguchi JPN 01:54:56
2. Ryousuke Maeda JPN 01:56:32
3. Koki Yamamoto JPN 01:58:09
4. Hui Wai Wong HKG 01:58:29
5. Tuan Chun Chang TPE 01:59:34
6. Takanori Sugihara JPN 01:59:46
7. Yu Hang Kok HKG 01:59:58
8. Genta Uchida JPN 02:00:36
9. Seung Jun Lee KOR 02:01:52
10. Wei Kai Wang TPE 02:02:11
Results: U23 Women
1. Hiraku Fukuoka JPN 02:08:36
2. Niina Kishimoto JPN 02:12:27
3. Sumire Ohara JPN 02:13:06
4. Ji Eun Jung KOR 02:14:41
5. Jia-Chi Kuo TPE 02:15:04
6. Chia-Chia Chang TPE 02:16:17
7. Gyuri Kim KOR 02:17:20
8. Ji Hyun Kim KOR 02:28:20
9. Alina Khakimova UZB 02:29:37
10. Cho Ieng Lei MAC 02:46:08
Results: Junior Women
1. Fuka Sega JPN 01:05:43
2. Chisaki Matsui JPN 01:06:03
3. Sarika Nakayama JPN 01:06:09
4. Yuki Sugihara JPN 01:07:00
5. Solji Om KOR 01:07:04
6. Hye Rim Jeong KOR 01:07:04
7. Wen Wei CHN 01:07:08
8. Cha Hee Pyeon KOR 01:08:17
9. Chi Wen Chang TPE 01:08:45
10. Anqi Huang CHN 01:09:14
Results: Junior Men
1. Oscar Coggins HKG 00:59:13
2. Wei-Chih Lin TPE 01:00:14
3. Qing Chen CHN 01:00:15
4. Mitsuho Mochizuki JPN 01:00:42
5. Chi Zhang CHN 01:00:52
6. Noritake Nagasho JPN 01:00:52
7. Tianqi Sha CHN 01:01:06
8. Jason Tai Long Ng HKG 01:01:15
9. Daryn Konysbayev KAZ 01:01:17
10. Naminosuke Mizuno JPN 01:01:55