KTF-ITU Coach Education Programme concludes in Incheon

By Doug Gray | 12 Nov, 2019

Two weeks of intense learning and unparalleled networking have come to an end as the classroom and practical sessions of this year’s KTF-ITU Coach Education Programme reached their conclusion in Incheon, Korea. Participants have already returned home where they will spend the coming weeks completing their post-course assessments, to be submitted by the end of November through the ITU Education HUB (

Interest in this unique education opportunity granted by the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee and organised by the Korea Triathlon Federation grows by the year among eligible developing (ODA recipient) countries. ITU Development received 144 applications in total, around double the available spots. After the selection process and occasionally challenging travel and visa arrangements, 35 coach candidates (including 14 females, representing 40%) participated at the Level 1 and another 38 (inc 13 females, representing 34%) at Level 2. Comfortably exceeding the International Triathlon Union policy on equality (25% on any Level 1 and 20% on any Level 2 coaches’ course) this project was also a good example of our efforts at reaching gender equity.

Nominees of all five continents have now the chance to increase the number of ITU Certified Coaches if they successfully pass their post-course assessments:


Though extensive travelling was required from non-Asian participants, one of the real values of this initiative lies in its global accessibility. Participants got to know different cultures, lifestyles and mindsets and, while working in micro-groups, they had an excellent opportunity to expand their networks and learn about the opportunities and challenges of their peers in other countries and continents. Similar to coaches, course Facilitators also came from around the world enhancing diversity and inclusion – two key values of the ITU Coach Education.

“It was a great opportunity I personally had over the past few days. The main purpose was to share knowledge and to promote the sport in our country. I personally learnt so much from knowledgeable facilitators Alexander Kochetkov, Peter Clifford, Claudia Beristain, Rodrigo Milazzo, Vivienne Williams, Anthony Lozada, Team Level 1 D and special mention to my group C. So much respect for Laurelle Brown Namibia, Lauren Dance South Africa for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us during our sessions as well as Peter Clifford for sharing your coach knowledge. Maryann Moss from Fiji, Hassan Mousa from Palestine and the rest of the participants from 1 D. On that note I would sincerely like to thank the Korean Government and Korean Sport and Olympic Committee for sponsoring the educational course for coaches attending from all over the world.” – Terence Tuohik (PNG), Level 1 Course participant

“Korea you have surprised me in many ways! A place of great beauty, kindness and innovation. International Triathlon Union - thank you for accepting my nomination for the Level 2 Coaching course. The facilitators and coaches from all around the world offered a smorgasbord of information and insights. What a sensational 5-day course! To the friends I have made over this past week the memories will always be there and I hope that our paths cross in the future.” – Lars Olsen (NEP), Level 2 Course participant

“Extremely impressive, inspiring and memorable!” – Anthony Joseph Lozada (PHI), ITU Coaching Facilitator

“A great honour to be part of this world-class team. Proud to say that we are leading the way globally on coach education.” – Eugene Lee (SNG), ITU Coaching Facilitator

“Great memories, teamwork, friendship, learning, sharing. What do we need more?” – Sergio Santos (POR), ITU Coaching Facilitator

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to support the ITU Coaching Facilitators team over the last 2 weeks. Thanks so much to all the coaches, facilitators, Korean Triathlon Federation and ITU. What a great learning opportunity and some amazing unforgettable experiences shared!” – Emma Brunning (GBR), ITU Facilitator Developer