QATAR: One of the safest countries in the world

By World Triathlon Admin | 14 Feb, 2006

Qatar is one of the very few countries in the Middle East and North Africa that boasts religious and sectarian tolerance, democratic reform, transparent media coverage and government policies that are forward-thinking.

Qatar nationals and expatriates have a heightened sense of well-being and are loyal to their rulers and the government. They pride themselves on ensuring all visitors are made welcome, which is the prime reason that more and more global businesses and enterprises are choosing to establish themselves in this safe haven.

Qatar’s economic growth and revenues are not only very healthy but far outstrip global predictions. Its government has an extremely good reputation for economic prudence and insists that Qatar’s wealth should be used to ensure the country’s economic health well into the future. Qatar continues to host several international sporting and economic events on a global scale. Accolades on organisation and security have come in no short measure from heads of governments, financial institutions and worldwide sporting federations.

The country thus, will hardly jeopardize this global acknowledgement of all-round excellence by being lax with security measures for the World Series Triathlon event on 3 March and the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 in December.

The state security institutions are well resourced and supported. These institutions have geared up protect and promote Qatar’s reputation as a safe and secure nation now and in the future. Key point security of government, financial, sports, hospitality and hydrocarbon sectors remains strong and competent.

No country is immune to threats, credible or otherwise, and Qatar is no exception. However, it remains a secure place of peace, has brotherly relations with its neighbours and continues to enjoy strong diplomatic and social relationships with all nations of the world.