Iran Triathlon Federation

About the Federation
NF Group
Mr. Ahmad Nameni
Secretary General
Mr Motjaba Arshadi
+98 21 22761093, +98 21 22761868, +98 21 22542225
+98 21 22761753
1st Floor No. 19 end of 8th Baharestan St., Pasdaran St.
Tehran, Tehran 1958833573
Latest News
  • ASTC Executive Board wraps up the meetings
    The 63rd ASTC executive board meeting has been held at the Hafez conference room in Olympic hotel, Tehran on May 30th. ASTC EB members received positive reports about financial status,…
    31 May, 2017
  • The 8th round of IRAN Women Duathlon National Championships Superiors
    IRAN Women Duathlon National Championships were held in Isfahan Province on 13 May 2016 with presence of 81 athletes from 13 provinces. The competitions have 4 individual female categories…
    18 May, 2016
  • End of IRAN Country Championships
    Superiors Have Been Marked. The Country Championship has finished by introducing superiors. These competitions have been held on 17 Feb. 2016 with presence of 125 athletes from 24 provinces…
    25 Feb, 2016
  • END OF IRAN Triathlon Clubs League (3 phases)
    Iran Triathlon Federation could hold 3rd phase of Triathlon Clubs League with participation of 12 teams ( about 170 athletes ) in Gheshm Island on 19 & 20 December 2015. It needs to mention…
    04 Jan, 2016
  • Iran holds National Championships
    Iran’s Triathlon Federation has held the national championships in the southern port city of Mahshar. Some 400 athletes from 26 provinces took part in kid, youth, junior (17-18), Junior…
    27 Feb, 2014