2019 ITU Level 1 coaching course held in Amman, Jordan

By | 24 Nov, 2019

The ITU level 1 coaching course was held on November 19th - 23rd in the Amman, Jordan. The course was set up to help coaches from emerging countries in West Asia increase their knowledge of triathlon coaching through a 5 days course integrating a broad overview of coaching roles and responsibilities, teaching methodologies, sport-specific information, and holistic topics such as sport science, sport psychology, growth and development.

The five-day course was both exciting and challenging for all 9 coaches who had taken out time from their busy schedules. The region was well represented with participating coaches from 4 different countries; Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine and Jordan. For many it was the first chance to learn from two of our very experienced facilitators, Vicent Beltran from Spain and Fenella Ng from Hong Kong, both having trained many international coaches and triathletes through the ITU Development Program.

It was a great opportunity for all the coaches attending the course to gain therorical and practical knowledge as well as build a network of fellow coaches who will be valuable in their personal development. This highly acclaimed course came with a balance of both theorical and pratical sessions in combination with interactive disscusions, presentations, group tasks and feedback between facilitators and participants.

Lead facilitator Fenella Ng, thanked Jordan Triathlon Federation for doing everything in making the course a big success. Dr. Tareq Khayyat, president of Jordan Triathlon Association, along with his team ensured everyone was well looked after and the course was an enjoyable experience for all. At the close of the course Fenella and Vicent expressed that it was a priviledge to be part of their triathlon journey and wished the particpating coaches best of luck in their coaching careers and in completing their Level 1 certification.

On behalf of participants, Aya Al-Qabbani from Jordan, expressed her satisfaction on the coaching course and her appreciations to facilitators who generously shared their knowledge and experiences. Aya also commented on the need for more sports development projects in West Asia to enhance sport development in the region.

The next sport development project in Asia will be the Nepal ITU level 1 Technical Officials Seminar on November 23rd and 24th.