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By World Triathlon Admin | 16 Oct, 2006

16 October, 2006 - Alanya, Turkey is going to be the next stop of the ITU Premium European Cup circuit on 18 October. The turkish tourist paradise organized its first international triathlon event more than 15 years ago. The event has one of the longest histories in the European Triathlon. As an important center of the Mediterranean Alanya is offering superb conditions for both participants and the spectators. Its history dates back to the pre-historical times when human beings didn’t invent a way of writing. It was the home of pirates that couldn’t be controlled even by Rome, a world empire in the antiqity. It experienced the Byzantine Empire Era during the medieval times and welcomed some feudal lords. It was the capital of Anatolian Selcuks and the Sultan admired the city so much that he gave his name to the city when it was under reconstruction. Alanya, today, is a nominee for Unesco Cultural Heritage of the world, thanks to its history of thousands of years

ITU Premium European Cup Series
After Sanremo, Kitzbühel, Holten and Kedzierzyn Kozle, the turkish riviera will be the 5th stop in the ITU Premium European Cup circuit. In 2005 the Austrian Taina Haibock and the Danish Rasmus Henning won in Turkey. Henning is still missing because of his persistent injury, but the male field is still very strong. The former world champion Dmitriy Gaag/KAZ, the Olympic bronze medalist Sven Riederer/SUI, the double European silver medalist Cederic Fleureton/FRA, the double (Holten, Kedzieryn Kozle) Premium European Cup winner Andriy Glushchenko/UKR, the U23 European Champion Ruedi Wild/SUI and also the Italian D’Aquino brothers can be found on the start list. Gaag was second behind Henning in 2005. So far he had not a very good season, but it does not mean anything. He has the ability to do his best at all costs. Riederer took the 2nd palce in Hamburg BG Triathlon World Cup five weeks ago. The European Cup specialist Glushchenko won in Poland in the middle of September and he seems to be very determined. He is still competing with the Overall European Ranking podium.
About women’s field the current European ranking leader Lenka Zemanova/CZE and the defending winner Taina Haibock/AUT did not enter the race. Despite of their missing an exciting race could be expected on Wednesday. The two Polish athletes Eva Dederko and Maria Czesnik were on the podium in Kedzierzyn Kozle. Only Zemanova was able to beat them in Poland.
Over and above the glory the athletes are motivated by the prize money (20 000 EUR) as well, which will be awarded to the top 10 athletes equally to men and women.

In addition to the elite races the age-group athletes and the juniors will compete in the most traditional European triathlon event, here in Alanya.

About the courses
Beginning with a demanding swim (1500 m: 1 lap) in the Mediterrean Sea followed by a fast bike leg (40 km: 5 laps) through the beautiful coast of Alanya and finishing with the most scenic 10 km run (5 laps) throught the middle of the city. Transition and finish area will be in the famous harbour.

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18 Oct, 2006 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Men
1. Denis Vasiliev RUS 00:57:08
2. Artem Parienko RUS 00:57:12
3. Dmitry Rostyagaev RUS 00:57:48
4. Andrey Lyatskiy RUS 00:58:24
5. Anatoly Fedotov RUS 00:58:38
6. Mikhail Shubin RUS 00:58:52
7. Yegor Martynenko UKR 00:58:57
8. Alexander Abramov RUS 00:59:41
9. Maxim Laba RUS 00:59:42
10. Piotr Grzegorzek POL 01:00:01
Results: Junior Women
1. Natalia Shliakhtenko RUS 01:04:28
2. Yuliya Yelistratova UKR 01:04:39
3. Alexandra Razarenova RUS 01:04:54
4. Mariya Shorets RUS 01:05:45
5. Irina Pushkareva RUS 01:06:49
6. Mriya Guz RUS 01:07:04
7. Liubov Polyanskaya RUS 01:08:35
8. Evgeniya Sapogova RUS 01:12:05
9. Kseniya Ziyatdzinava BLR 01:13:21
10. Ganna Marienkova UKR 01:13:34
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