Community Coaching Course held in Nicaragua

By Gustavo Svane | 28 Sep, 2011

With 23 coaches, the ITU Level 1 Club and Community Coaching Course was held for four days in Managua, capital of the Central American country of Nicaragua.

Attendees were coaches and physical education teachers from Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica who received a basic knowledge of triathlon training, from the ITU facilitators Rodrigo Milazzo from Brazil and Claudia Beristain from Mexico.

Although there were some participants who had little knowledge of triathlon, the group was very enthusiastic and participative in the theoretical sessions in the classroom and practical sessions conducted at the Nicaraguan Institute of Sport.

Country of the Sandinista revolution (movement of liberation of Augusto Sandino 1895-1934), Nicaragua is a typical Central American country, with lush vegetation surrounded by volcanoes and lakes. This country was an excellent host for this activity sports development that the ITU and PATCO scheduled for 2011.

“It is a very good group, very proactive, mixed among physical education teachers, coaches and some swimming coaches. We will have an excellent course,” said Beristain at the start of the course.

Swimming practices were held at the Dolphin Club’s outdoor pool in a verdant setting, where all attendees will engage in swim training.

Then in the cycling sessions, they used a closed space where the coaches practiced transition, bike mount and dismount and cycling behavior.

For run sessions, the track of the Institute was released for the course’s triathlon coaches.

Francisco Lopez Garcia, a Nicaraguan elite triathlete who returned from the U.S. to represent Nicaragua in the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, attended the course for training in coaching.

“I appreciate this opportunity for growth for my country and my federation,” said Garcia. “I pledge to work in growing the sport because I love triathlon and I love my country.”

“It is the best course I have received. I loved it,” said Eugenia Cabrera, a physical education teacher from Nicaragua who participated in the course.

Antonio Silva, president of the FENITRIAT said “I thank the ITU and PATCO chosen to Nicaragua to this coaching activity. We will continue working to make more people aware of the triathlon and they will involve in growth.”

Rodrigo Milazzo said “it is our goal to develop the sport in Nicaragua, and I have certainty that we will have very good results here.”

The Nicaraguan Olympic Committee President, Mr Emet Lang Salmeron appreciated the ITU presence in his country, and he closed the course.

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