Europe is coming to Alanya

By World Triathlon Admin | 10 Oct, 2007

The Turkish Triathlon Federation is organizing the 17th Alanya Premium Cup with pride on 24 October, 2007.
Alanya is located on a peninsula which is bordered by the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea on the south. This ancient city was named either Pamphylia or Cilicia because of it lies between the two region. The history of the region that goes to late Paleolitic period.
In these passed years, Alanya became one of the most popular organization in ETU as well.
We will see a lot of ETU high ranked elit man an woman at Alanya ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup. This year we will have over 300 atheletes from all Europe and local. Up to now we had 28 different country applied to take part in Alanya.
This year the race will both for the ETU Junior European Cup, ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup and the age catagory.
The weather will be fine according to the weather forecast and the Turkish Federation and LOC is going to spend all their efford to make the race well and safe.
ETU General Secretary Mr. Gergely Markus also will be there to make a perfect organization.
We will use the chip timers to make the races fair for all the atheletes.
The event will start at 09.15 with junior men followed by the junior women at 09.35. Elite men will start at 11.30 and Elite women at 13.45.
The day will finish at 15.15 with Age groupers.
There is a magnificent award ceremony and closing party, waiting to host for all the guests in Palm Beach Club.
We hope to have a good and fare race with unforgetable memories….

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