ITU Technical Officials Community Level Seminar at Issyk-kul Lake, Kyrgyz Republic

By | 23 Jun, 2017

ITU and ASTC held the first community level Technical Officials seminar 22nd ~23rd June at Issyk-kul lake, Kyrgyz Republic, city of natural beauty of mountain and lakes.

The seminar is for those officials who have experience in working as TOs in National events and have potential to act as Technical Officials at ASTC events in the future. The seminar is designed to educate and train Technical officials on basic ITU competition rules and event management principles.

The seminar began with a welcome speech from Mr. Chyngyz Alkanov, president of Kyrgyzstan Triathlon Federation on Thursday morning, followed by one and half a day of work with ITU facilitator, Peter Chua, very experienced Technical Official in Asia.

14 technical official candidates who are triathlon pioneers in Kyrgyz Republic, joined the seminar to upgrade their knowledge and skills. They will practice what they have learnt through the seminar under the guidance of Peter Chua at the first Kyrgyz Republic National Triathlon championships this weekend.

Chyngyz Alkanov, Kyrgyz Republic Triathlon Federation president, expressed that he really apricate ITU and ASTC support for their TOs development and he has a dream to have international events in his country with clean and green environment soon. Also he is certain that the seminar will place an important foot step to advance our sport development in Kyrgyz Republic.

“Through this seminar I could see the potential of our sport development in Kyrgyz Republic because I felt their passion on our sport. I did my best to share all my experience and knowledge with the participants in very comfortable mood. I hope these participants to share what they learned with people in their country.” said Peter Chua, ITU facilitator.

Next Level Sport Development projects in Asia will be ITU Technical Officials Level 2 Seminar from July 23rd to 25th and ASTC Women SD camp from July 23rd to 29th in Palembang, Indonesia.