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By World Triathlon Admin | 09 Dec, 2007

On November 29, a meeting of the International Olympic Sports Federation Medical Commission Chairpersons was held in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum and ITU was represented by Sergio Migliorini of the ITU Medical Committee.  A welcoming address from Professor A. Ljungqvist, IOC Medical Committee Chair, opened the meeting.  Dr P. Schamasch (IOC Medical Director) and Professor L Engebretsen (IOC) made a report about the activity of IOC Medical and Scientific Department (IOC Research Institute, IOC Golden Journal, IOC Congress 2009 Copenhagen). 

The report about the medical services in Beijing (Dr J. Dai of BOCOG) was very interesting and showed a very well organised medical staff and the hospital in the Olympic Village.  Later, the athlete’s passport project was presented by Dr A Garnier of WADA, which was followed by Professor K.Ficht (IOC MC) with a report about the use of beta-2 agonists and ATUE rules.  Other interesting lectures were about the molecular basis of connective tissue and muscle injuries (Professor M Schwellnus IOC MC) and the study about epidemiology/injury surveillance pilot study made in Osaka 2007 by IAAF Medical Committee member (Dr JM Alonso).

Professor D Sprumont (CIES) in his report invited all International Federations to adopt the Olympic Movement Medical Code that reflects the general principles recognized in the international codes of medical ethics. The problem of hydration and exercise in extreme weather conditions was presented by Dr M Buyckx and Dr O Castagna, which also tied into the high temperature and humidity athletes will have to face at the
Beijing Olympic Games.  

In the evening, the Opening Ceremony of the first international Sports & Sciences Monaco Biennale was staged in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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